Meal Preppin’

Part of living the frugal life is curbing the cost of eating out.  I try to live by the rule that if I do go out I try to take advantage of a deal or a coupon but generally I derive the most savings from simply bringing my lunch and cooking at home.  It can be really easy and affordable but it takes some planning.  As you fall into your cooking groove, you’ll find that your family likes certain recipes or combinations and so you’ll seek to stock up on those staples so that you can recreate those recipes often.  For instance, our whole fam bam loves my homemade chili and cornbread muffins (I cheat on these and use a box mix made by Krusteaz – it’s the bomb).  It’s simple and quick and easy to make after a long day at work.  Another favorite of ours is fajitas.  I wanted to do a little meal prep for the hubs and I to have lunches this week so that we stay on track with our resolutions for both diet and spending.  So this afternoon I took a little time and did my prep.  Here are the ingredients for my lunches.  We ended up with enough to warrant four lunches for the week and dinner for all of us for tonight as well with leftover brown rice to be used for my Easy Fried Rice recipe later this week.  Enjoy!

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