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GIVEAWAY: Uplifting Prize Pack

I’ve partnered with my friend Abby from Hewes Family Fun and we’re hosting my first giveaway of 2018.  One of Abby’s favorite things is meal planning, she makes use of a weekly planner to help her keep things organized.  One of my favorite things is note taking to keep myself organized and I LOVE cute pens and office supplies, like keep me away from Staples or Office Depot because I will lose my damn mind in there.  It’s like I’m a kid three weeks from the first day of school hoarding supplies I’ll never use and if it’s miniature size (like a tiny stapler), I’m all about it!  I have three currently.

Anyway, our giveaway offers some great items for getting and staying organized in this new year, a Unicorn pen, some other fun goodies and the best part…a Starbucks gift card!


This Uplifting Prize Pack includes:

Enter the giveaway here.  A winner will randomly be chosen on 1/27/2018.  Giveaway is open to all US residents.

Don’t forget to leave a comment as part of the mandatory first entry!

Swap It To Me

One of the best ways to keep your budget in check is participating in local clothing or “stuff” swaps. Many of them are piece for piece. You drop off X amount of items and come back when the swap starts and choose the same amount of items. If you’ve got kids this is a great way to stock up on the next size of clothing or to swap out toys for the next age group. You’ll often find other treasures you weren’t expecting. Although sometimes you’ll come across some piles of junk (worn out or outdated pieces) for all that is crap there is always a lot that is good. For instance some of my best finds have been tons of brand new baby items, items with tags, new shoes, a pack and play, little outdoor chair for the baby, great books, dvds and so much more! It’s worth the time and minimal effort and the thrill of the hunt can be so fun. Included in this post are some pics of the awesome stuff we scored today at the Skyline Swap in San Diego. I found a stack of brand new polo shirts for the hubs and some items new with tags. You can Google “swaps” in your city and join local Facebook groups that host events. Finders Keepers have groups across the country or you check with local churches as swapping events are becoming a popular trend.


Another year rolls by and it has me thinking about “resolutions” for my year to come.  Immediately the typical resolutions come to mind like better eating habits, getting more exercise, practicing more patience.  Having resolutions is great, I make them every year, as do many people, but do I really achieve them.  The year flies by so fast – I can’t even remember what mine were last year so perhaps if I plan, put it in writing and refer back to it I will hold myself more accountable so here it goes…

  1. READ (like a book, with paper and stuff).  One of my resolutions this year is to READ, like make time to dive into a book.  With work, kids, marriage and keeping up with friends via social media all of the books I’ve owned have moved from shelf to shelf and I occasionally sweep off the dust.  I’ve taken my kids to Barnes and Noble a few times and I feel a strong desire to find a good book and start diving in.  My plan is to pick one evening a week and read a chapter.  It might be a small start but I want to look forward to that time, make it my time and start reading again.
  2. EXERCISE.  I have committed (slightly) to the FitBit as a way to help me monitor how much activity I was getting on the daily just doing my thing, but I wanted to be able to know how I can go above and beyond that.  Something I have already started doing is walking more instead of driving.  We moved to an area that is close to the center of town and a lot of our fav stores are close by so I load up the stroller with baby and the two older kiddos walk along and we try to walk now instead of drive.  We did our grocery shopping with a wagon and I have to tell you it was pretty fun.  We’re getting the hang of our routes and I appreciate the kids getting exercise with me.
  3. DRAMA BE GONE.  Cleaning up your Facebook friends list and groups every once in a while is not a bad thing.  Relationships change, people change, and it’s okay if a relationship doesn’t serve you or the other party anymore.  I have to remind myself to let go of those relationships and move on.  There is no shame in putting your self first and letting the drama go.  You can internalize someone else’s negativity and it can bring you down and no one needs that.  You have your own mess to deal with…right?
  4. WATER THAT SEED.  The flip side of letting go of the toxic relationships is remembering to nurture the relationships you want to keep.  Send a text, make a call, leave a voicemail, drop an email or a letter.  Reach out to friends you haven’t talked to in a while or been able to connect with and if you can’t commit to a plan to get together have a chat on the phone.  Reconnecting or just saying hi means a lot.  I get so busy with life I think about people all the time but don’t always take the time to say something.  I think I’ll do it tomorrow, or later or next week and those weeks turn into months.  I want to focus on making sure my relationships are meaningful this year.
  5. YELL LESS, LAUGH MORE.  Now that two of my kiddos are older, they are a lot more self sufficient and I feel like I don’t have to yell to get things done as much anymore.  Not that I love yelling or that it’s even effective at all.  I’m pretty sure my kids hear the Charlie Brown teacher’s voice anytime I start spouting off but I get the crazy mom ‘tude often thinking things have to be just so, or perfect or in order.  I try to repeat back something a friend said to me once… just let them be kids, find a place for them to run around and freak out that is appropriate and let them just be.  Some of the best advice.  As parents, we get so freaked out by what other people are thinking, seeing, how our kids are behaving that we focus more on the behavior than just “being” in the moment and enjoying our kids.  I want more of that, I want giggles and laughs.  Those are the best times.  Sharing pure, natural laughter with my children is one of the best gifts and I want to soak it up in 2018.